Study: Improving Quality and Efficiencly in Oral Hygiene

– Journal of Gerontological Nursing. Vol. 15, No. 6 Synopsis: This study was set up to evaluate a toothbrush specifically designed for the dependent resident who needs assistance from an attendant in brushing. The goals of this study were to further evaluate the Collis brush is relation to efficiency of plaque removal and to attitudes […]

Study: An evaluation of the effectiveness of four mechanical plaque- removal devices when used by a trained care-provider

– Special Care in Dentistry. Vol. 13, No. 1. Jan/Feb ’93 Synopsis: “Many care-dependent elderly individuals live in nursing homes and must depend on nursing home aides for oral hygiene care. It is generally agreed that the level of oral hygiene care among care-dependent nursing home residents is less than optimal. Two reasons are time […]

Study: A study of the effectiveness of two types of toothbrushes for removal of oral accumulations

– JADA Research Reports. Vol.115. Nov. ’87 Synopsis: This study evaluates the effectiveness of the Collis-curve toothbrush which has curved bristles in comparison with a control usage of a straight bristle toothbrush in removing oral accumulations of plaque and debris and preventing gingivitis. Complete article: Contact us at above address or by e-mail to receive […]