Like many great ideas, the Collis Curve toothbrush (worldwide patents) is very simple. For many years American dentist George Collis felt that straight bristle toothbrushes were difficult to use. The complicated ‘scrub and roll’ technique was hard to teach to children, and many adults also failed to apply it. People would end up in his clinic to have their teeth cleaned with his curved scaling instruments. Using them as his model, he designed a brush with two rows of curved bristles that were intended to mimic the action of his de-scalers.

This is an extremely effective brush. In the clinical trial sponsored by the American Dental Association, it removed up to 40% more plaque than a conventional toothbrush and improved the patients’ gingival health by up to 68%.

Brushing technique? Just backward and forwards, doing what comes naturally to most of us. The bristles’ unique design takes care of the rest!

Many dentists worldwide are now using the Collis Curve toothbrush and recommending it to their patients. The reason? It works for their patients, promoting good gum health and minimizing dental decay. This is especially true in practices with handicapped or disabled patients, and for dentists treating many children.

Relevant Collis Curve Publications and Presentations:

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Providing Dental Care for Older Unv of Pennsylvania

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