The Curved bristle toothbrush is designed to snugly cover all surfaces of the teeth to provide deep cleaning

without all the complex positional changes regularly needed for effective brushing.

Perfect for the Individual and the Caregiver

The Collis Curve Toothbrush was specifically designed to be easy to use for people with a disability self-brushing or for caregivers providing assistance brushing.

People with disabilities have higher rates of dental caries, gingivitis, and periodontal diseases due to an inability to perform adequate personal oral hygiene on their own or without an assistive device like The Collis Curve Toothbrush.

Some contributing factors may be:

Poor physical coordination or motor skills (like inability to rotate wrist or grip toothbrush)

Poor cognitive skills

Inability to comprehend and learn the importance of oral health (making it necessary to rely on a caregiver for supervision or assistance)

Assisted Brushing

Caregivers are faced with many demanding duties besides oral health. They are asked to perform dental hygiene procedures without proper tools or training

When given a Collis Curve toothbrush, 90.0% of caregivers agreed that it was easier to use than their previous toothbrush.

Some challenges that can be avoided by using the Collis Curve: 

Being bitten, spit on, hit, and/ or kicked

Issues of bad behavior, non-compliance, refusal

Lack of time, lack of training, and lack of appropriately designed cleaning aids.

Caregiver Comments

"Really improves the quality of the person ability to tolerate teeth being
brushed. Less combative and teeth was cleaned much easier. Love the
Collis toothbrush."

"1. Cleaning is more thorough-gets both sides of a tooth. 2. Bristles are softer
and more pliable."

"Pt more relaxed during brushing; brush was easier to use."

"Love the toothbrush, easier to brush. Client don’t tolerate teeth being
brushed for long. The fact that the Collis toothbrush goes around both sides of
tooth is a big "plus."

"This brush is easier to get in the mouth. Client tolerates it well."

"Great-it’s a life changer."

"Like toothbrush (Collis curve) Less time to brush, client doesn’t like teeth
brushed. I feel I do a better job brushing with this toothbrush since it goes
around tooth."

"My son’s teeth is (Sic) difficult to brush. The Collis brush is so much better.
Best toothbrush ever."

My son just went to the dentist today and they used a Collis Curve Toothbrush. It was great. My son is a special needs kid and to get him to brush his teeth is like all out war. This brush ceased all war casualties. I wanted to get one for his school and have a spare.

"We have a young autistic son who has a lot of sensory processing difficulties. For two and a half years we struggled every morning and night to brush his teeth. Every time he would have to be restrained and what should have been a simple, everyday piece of personal care looked and felt like one of the most distressing actions we could inflict on our son. Of course, as he got bigger he got stronger and by the age of three it took both my husband and myself to restrain him safely enough to clean his teeth. Then we were introduced to the Collis Curve by an Occupational Therapist and it changed everything. Literally, it was instant! No more restraining, no more tantrums and tears, no more distress for him and no more distress for us! I cannot praise this clever little toothbrush enough. It's quite remarkable! Thank you Collis Curve!

Dear Mo - I'm very impressed and Lily, my 12 year old daughter with Down's Syndrome is using hers all the time and the difference to how clean her teeth look is remarkable. Although initially I thought the Junior brush looked too small, she is finding it very easy to use and seems to be brushing a bit longer than she was with the electric brush (which was about ten seconds). Overall I'm very pleased and I think for a child with special needs they are well worth the extra cost. I have passed on some info to our dentist and a friend, and will publicise the brush at our local respite care organisation, PACSO, where I am a committee member.

We are delighted at how well the Collis Curve cleans my son's teeth , and already, after only a couple of weeks, his teeth look a lot whiter and his gums are a lot less inflamed than they were. My son has profound autism, severe learning difficulties and epilepsy, so your toothbrush has made cleaning his teeth an altogether less traumatic event. I have ordered more of your toothbrushes for some of my friends who have children with the same type of problems that we have with our son. We are certainly very satisfied customers. Thanks.

"My son has severe learning difficulties and a sensory processing disorder which makes cleaning his teeth very hard. He will not tolerate an electric toothbrush and we found that an ordinary toothbrush just wasn't doing the job in the limited time we had in his mouth. His new Collis Curve brush is wonderful - he can control it with minimal help from us which is very important for his independence and he finds brushing easier to tolerate when he is in control. Thank you."

"I have ordered other three sided brushes but was not 100 percent satisfied but these wow!!!! I thought the rounded bristles were weird at first but man oh man do they do the job and now understand why they were designed this way!! the bristles are soft and brushing my autistic adult sons teeth is much easier and this brush gets them clean!! great design, soft bristles and they come in a storage tube!! this will be our regular brush to order from now on!!"

"The only way I can have some success in brushing my disabled siblings teeth. Thank you so much whoever invented this period"