The Collis-Curve (TM) Toothbrush   
..a breakthrough in preventive dentistry and a leader against dental disease

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It's simply a better brush
  • Brushes three sides at once
  • Easier for care providers
  • More comfortable for care recipients
  • Half the time to remove plaque than other brushes
  • Every study proves increased efficiency
What the Experts say:

Special Care in Dentistry Magazine said; "The Collis-Curve and Interplak toothbrushes were the most effective in removing plaque.."  Vol. 13, No 1, 1993, pg 13

Journal of the American Dental Association; " the gingival index..the difference was statistically significant with more improvement for students who used the [Collis] curved toothbrush. the plaque index..more improvement is indicated for students who were issued the [Collis] curved toothbrush..... The Statistically significant improvement among students using the [Collis] curved toothbrush would appear to be a direct result of the functional efficiency of the brush over that of the regular brush. ....On the basis of results obtained in this study, it appears that the use of the [Collis] curved bristle brush significantly improves the condition of the gingiva and helps in removing dental plaque."- JADA Research Reports. Vol.115. Nov. '87

This brush is perfect for:
  • Young children
  • People with dental braces
  • Caregivers and Parents
  • People with limited hand and/or arm motion
  • Or anyone!
The Dentists cleaning instruments are curved!   Why should yours be straight?
This is why the Collis-Curve Toothbrush works better:
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Curved Bristles
The Sulcus is the space between the tooth and gum where bacteria breed causing cavities and bad breath.

Your dentist uses curved instruments such as a scaler to clean your teeth in the sulcus.

The cleaning action of the Collis-Curve Toothbrush approximates that of 100 scalers working at once to clean your teeth all over, including in the sulcus!


The curved design of the bristles allows you to clean all 3 sides of your teeth at the same while eliminating the danger of poking the bristles into your gums.

The unique bristle shape and design makes full use of the time the average person spends on their tooth brushing routine and is ideal for everyone. 
Don't take our word for it!
Check out the results of these professional studies.
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