Collis-Curve Soft Toothbrush with Triplefit Bristles


Collis-Curve Soft is a gentle brush designed to increase circulation to the gumline area by its lightly massaging action.  Ideal for care-givers and brushers with limited range or motion and/or sensory processing disorders. The bristle is curved and flexible to gently flex and rotate around undercut and malpositioned teeth. The compact head and efficient patented Triplefit bristles prevent gagging when brushing back teeth and eliminate any harsh poking actions that can occur with the straight bristled brush. This has been dubbed a “life- saver” by parents who brush the teeth and gums of their children.  


  • Assistive Device For Cognitive And Developmental Disabilities
  • Gentle Gum Massager
  • 3 Sided Toothbrush
  • Short Center Bristle To Clean Occlusal Surface And 2 Outer Rows Of Curved Bristles
  • For Sensitive Gums, Bleeding Gums, Post-Operative Condition

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4 Pack, 12 Pack