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“My son is a special needs kid and to get him to brush his teeth is like all out war.  This brush ceased all war casualties."  

—  L Palmer from MI

“The Statistically significant improvement among students using the curved toothbrush would appear to be a direct result of the functional efficiency of the brush over that of the regular brush.”

— Journal of the American Dental Association

“I will use the brush until I die!”

— Sharlot from AZ

“I have been a customer for years. Use your brushes for my severely disabled adult daughter she gets great checkups at dentist because of your brushes.”

— Deborah from MA

“I have been using these brushes for years.  My dental hygienist is always amazed when she cleans my teeth in how good my gums and teeth are.  I only use the brush.  I don't floss at all.”

—  Dave from FL