Collis-Curve Sampler Bonus Pack


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  • Five Collis Curve toothbrushes of different styles: Baby, Youth, Medium, Soft and Periodonal
  • Baby recommended for first tooth up to first molar.
  • Youth recommended once brusher gets first molar (around 6 yrs)  can also be used for smaller mouths
  • Medium recommended for healthy gums and for dental appliances such as braces and implants
  • Soft  recommended for sensitive gums, care-givers, and brushers with limited range of motion. Also soft is  ideal for first time users of curved bristle, for  gums that bleed upon brushing, and post-operative conditions.
  • Periodontal brush is recommended for recessed gums, longer or larger teeth, periodontal pockets

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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 9 cm